• Dive Poets at the Duck Room

    Dive Poets at the Duck Room

    It turns out that I'm not as good at this blogging stuff as I had hoped, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Last week I got to shoot some bands. A couple were national touring acts and a couple were more local.

    Wednesday I shot Hacienda and Heartless Bastards for KDHX. Both bands put on an amazing show. You can check out photos from the evening on KDHX or on Flickr here and here.

    Saturday, I headed down to the Duck Room to see a Missouri based bill made up of Jump Starts, Stingrays, Tenement Ruth, and The Dive Poets. All of the bands sounded great, but unfortunately I was only able to get shots of Tenement Ruth and The Dive Poets.  Photos of both bands are here.

    The spring concert calendar is shaping up nicely and I'm looking forward to shooting several bands in the coming months.  With any luck, I'll keep up with this blog stuff and get links up to my photos up on this page more regularly.



  • Beth Bombara & Cassie Morgan reprise their performance of The Breeder's classic "Cannonball" on NYE.

    Beth Bombara & Cassie Morgan reprise their performance of The Breeder's classic "Cannonball" on NYE.

    Well, it's a new year, and I've decided to take on a new venture by setting up a website for my photography, and starting a blog to go along with it. It seems fitting to open the first post with some pictures from New Year's Eve.

    It felt right to ring in 2012 at Off Broadway with The Blind Eyes, Kentucky Knife Fight and host of guest musicians. I took way too many photos (as usual) but managed to edit them down to a reasonable number and have posted some of them on Flickr.

    Who knows what will come of this new blog, or how often I will post, but I'm up for the challenge. I hope this is the first of many posts and new adventures in the coming year!